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EasternCCTV carries a full line of quality assured CCTV products. Products are manufactured by our own factory and by our long term partners. Products range from all types of security cameras. (i.e.) body, dome, infrared, mini and hidden cameras are available as well as DVRs, lenses, power suppliers and other related products and accessories.

We are also involved in new product development and to keep introducing innovative products to meet and exceed our customer's needs.

We are committed to promoting higher standards and quality products with lower pricing to meet the demand of today's increasingly competitive market. Our mission emphasizes quality which in turn makes for a successful business. In addition, we strive for healthy growth and a good reputation.
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Our Economic DVR - ED6000SE series 
Realtime Resolution in CIF - Recording
D1 Resolution in 7fps - Recording
Video Resolution might be lose some due to the compression of Media Maker

ED6900FD - D1 Realtime Display / Recording

                Full Channel Playback

The Demo of ED6800 Standalone DVR.

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